Thursday, October 31, 2019

Li-Ning Launches First Retail Showrooms in Canada

Li-Ning, China’s premier sports brand, today announced that for the first time ever in Canada its extensive collection of racket sport equipment, shoes and apparel is available in standalone retail showrooms. Specialty sports enthusiasts interested in an expansive collection of Badminton, Pickleball, Table Tennis and other specialty sporting goods products can find Li-Ning items in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa as well as in the Greater Toronto Area.

Prior to this retail showroom expansion, Li-Ning products were available online and through a carefully selected network of specialty dealers throughout Canada via a distribution and licensing agreement with official partner and distributor, LN Distribution Inc. Now, athletes, clubs and tournament organizers can visit Li-Ning showrooms in Burlington, Ontario near Toronto and inside Ottawa’s RA Centre, a not-for-profit organization that has been serving the nation’s capital for more than 75 years.

“We’ve been working with the Li-Ning headquarters in Beijing, China for about eight years and it has been an extremely positive experience,” said Len Carter, president of LN Distribution Inc. “Li-Ning is a leader as a company and brand because the people are progressive and easy to work with and in the wake of global political divergences, we are merging cultures and countries through the cooperation of sport.”

According to the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, approximately 50 percent of Canada’s world immigration has come from Asia since the turn of the millennium - with the majority coming from China, where Li-Ning is the official brand of many Olympic teams and athletes making the Li-Ning brand a household name for many new Canadians.

Li-Ning likes to say that “Anything is Possible” and this announcement is a perfect example because it shows that sport can help transcend language barriers, politics and different cultures to forge common ground that benefits everybody. The opening of the first Li-Ning showrooms in Ottawa & Toronto also makes sense because that’s where about 30 percent of the current Canadian Li-Ning business can be found.

Li-Ning is the only sporting good company in this specialty category that has assembled very unique tournament, club and athlete sponsorship programs to help promote and grow these sports in Canada. If you play these sports, run clubs or organize tournaments, Li-Ning can help your cause and help you organize and enjoy your favorite sport more. Li-Ning is the official badminton equipment sponsor of the Canadian College Athletics Association (CCAA) as well as other provincial and college associations and is always looking to help promote top players, clubs and tournaments.

Carter also said that he expects every major city in Canada to soon have Li-Ning showrooms. A national corporate store and franchise offering is in the works now. Visit for more information.